Getting Started with the VBC Open ContactPad

The Open ContactPad SDK is a Javascript software development toolkit that allows developers to embed a Vonage Unified Communications (UC) dialer interface into a web based application. You will need a Vonage account to access the telephony APIs used by this SDK. You can sign up for a Vonage Businss Communications account online. Once the account is activated, learn how to set it up with this Getting Started Guide.

To use standalone communications APIs, see Vonage APIs.

If you are interested in becoming a Vonage Partner to share your integration with all Unified Communications customers, please send an email to including a description of your application.

With the Open ContactPad SDK, you can access the following functionality:


NOTE: The Open ContactPad SDK is designed for embedding Vonage apps within web applications only. It is not meant to create integrations with natively installed PC or Mac applications.

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