Vonage Integration Platform API Overview

The Vonage Integration Platform is an application that integrates Vonage’s unified communication products with popular external services, such as Google’s G Suite™, and CRMs such as Salesforce™ into a single, consistent application framework. Vonage customers are familiar with the Vonage Integration Platform via a graphical web browser extension that seamlessly integrates business workflow with communications.

The Vonage Integration Platform API is built upon the same backend platform as the Vonage Integration Platform graphical browser extension. In this early access release, the core functionality of the VIS Platform is exposed via APIs so that third-party developers can build their own applications. Examples of applications can include bots for popular collaboration tools or integrating Vonage’s communication products with industry-vertical customer management solutions.

With the Vonage Integration Platform API's, you will be able to:


Code Snippets

Code snippets demonstrate how to use the API to perform various tasks.

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